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Party Catering

A first class catering service for all occasions.

Are you tired of eating same hotel food again and again?

Yes, you should be! And, why not? This is always a problem while arranging parties at home and office. There are few hotels around from whom we order the food. The taste is same with more spice and more oil. The vegetables and meat tastes, just boiled and put in the gravy. But, you can't blame hoteliers as their kitchens are built to serve food in shortest time else customers would get angry at tables. So, here we come in picture with systems specifically gathered for house and office party catering.

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What’s so great about us?

  • Menu is pre-decided with your consultation so there is enough variety.
  • We serve food which tastes like home, because we take a lot of time cooking it.
  • All ingredients are fresh, no pre-cooking and pre-freezing is done so food is nutritious.
  • It's cooked with your health and hygiene in mind.
  • It's delivered at your door step.
  • In case you need help to serve we can provide well trained serving staff at extra costs.